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Most of the products comes from privately-owned land of 35 hectares in the geographical region of Almyros. Then processing them in private premises, following traditional practices for collection, using, however, modern techniques, in order to retain the high-quality characteristics of each product. Products are then being packaged and forwarded to the market. All the herbs are biologically cultivated, using the best techniques and knowledge of experienced farmers.


In modern facilities following excellent hygiene and safety conditions and policies, using latest technology production line machinery, is ensured the optimum product processing,  from the cultivation up to the final stage of packaging. For the processing  of  raw materials, we use herb separators, pneumatic tunnels, cutters, mills, granulators and mixers.

We provide tailored services, from whole leaf to powder according to customer’s preferences


The main service of the company, since the beginning of its operation, is to provide in bulk high quality of raw materials. While this goal always remains our priority, every year we try to expand the cultivation and at the same time the capacity for development possibility.


At the same time, in addition to the wholesale business that continues to operate primarily, we have recently expanded to retail with our own label.

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